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About us

Here at The Four Season Garden, it's not a fancy operation. It's not even an 'operation'; it's our home. We don't have staff; it's just us. We're just a regular family...that happens to like trying to grow all the fresh food that we eat, all year. We have a large fenced garden, a small greenhouse and several other beds for our annual crops (all told, just over 2000sqf). In addition, we have several beds dedicated to perennial crops and fruit bushes, as well as a young fruit orchard with 3 dozen fruit trees of all sorts. We also keep chickens year-round and make our own maple syrup (some of it anyways).


We have two kids, we both have other jobs and we have the same life pressures and time constraints as all of you. Having a productive garden, even a big one, is not that much work. At least, it doesn't have to be. Sure, there's always a learning curve and some days are longer than others, but it's a highly rewarding and profitable endeavour that pays off in many more ways than one. You really can have your garden and eat it too!


Favourite season: Winter

Top 5 favourite crops: Belgian endives, watermelons, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, fingerling potatoes

Top 3 favourite garden activities: Daily garden walkthroughs, daily lunch harvests, harvesting potatoes


Favourite season: Winter

Top 5 favourite crops: Snap peas, corn, watermelons, fava beans, squash

Top 3 favourite garden activities: Weeding, daily dinner harvests, transplanting greens


Favourite season: Winter

Favourite crops: Carrots, kale chips

Top 3 favourite garden activities: Pulling up garlic, harvesting carrots, playing chasing games in the paths


Favourite season: Unknown

Favourite crops: Watermelons, sweet potatoes, squash, corn, fresh greens

Top 3 favourite garden activities: Daily garden walkthroughs, playing chasing games, picking up woodchips from the path

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