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Online Tutorials

Scroll through my list of online tutorial videos for some easily-digested yet in-depth information on specific gardening topics. Don't see what you're looking for? Send me a request and I'll add it to the wishlist. There is so much to cover so I am constantly working on new ones. 

In-person Workshops

Want to visit our garden to see how we do things and ask me some of your questions in person? Then come to one of my workshops! These workshops are meant to be convivial and inspirational. We cover a wide range of topics with visual cues from our walkthrough of the gardens. Each workshop begins with a brief introduction followed by an overview and discussion of key concepts, then a thorough visit of our garden spaces with attention to salient details. There is always plenty of time for questions throughout the workshop, as well as afterwards for those who wish to stick around for further information. 


Give me a Buzz...

Phone/Video Consultations

Do you have some questions regarding your food garden and would rather talk to someone than scour Google for answers? It can be hard to find answers online and it's so much more practical to be able to talk to a real person. I totally get that and I'd love to help you. I've been fortunate to have access to dozens of growers and farmers over the years and their insights have always been invaluable. There is no substitute for experience.

Check out my free consultation service and book me for a chat on the phone or a video conference (Zoom or equivalent); I'll do my best to help you.

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