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If you have questions about your own food garden and would like to discuss them with me, please fill out this form.

For general inquiries, use the contact form.

*Please note: I do not respond to gardening questions by email as it is too inefficient and time consuming. 


Once I receive your request, I'll be in touch about scheduling a chat. 

What are you curious about?

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Consultation Service

*Well, most of it anyhow.

Through my participation in the Master Gardener program (U of Sask.) and its yearly requirements for volunteer community outreach, I am happy to offer much of my phone consultation services free of charge.

For those with more extensive needs, however, a paid consultation will be in order. 

It's Free!*

Book me for the season

In many cases, I find that gardeners' needs for help and information tend to be ongoing throughout the year, as things come up; especially when trying something new or facing new challenges. 

If this sounds like you, then why not reserve my services now by purchasing some consultation time; ensuring that I'll be available to help you when you need it. 

You can buy 1 hour of consultation at a time and use it as needed. If you don't use it all at once (most don't), don't worry; your remaining time balance is automatically kept on a spreadsheet, ready for future use. It never expires. Simply contact me again for a new consultation.

You can also buy it as a gift if for someone else if you would like to support the gardening efforts of your loved ones.

*Consultations are 60$ per hour, all taxes included. 

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